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&Environmental design.
(with Japanese garden  method.)


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awards & publishing

Chiba City Urban Culture Award, Grand Prix,2022

Hibiya Park Gardening Show, Excellence Award,2022

Received the Good Design Award,2021

Participated on TV Tokyo, TV Champion Garden Championship Final,2019

Tokyo Governor's Award Hibiya Park Gardening Show,2019

Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award Hibiya Park Gardening Show, 2018

Cafe madoi, which is designed and operated by our company, won the Chiba City Urban Culture Award
We won the Grand Prix.

Our designing cafe madoi operated by our company won the Good Design Award in the restaurant &Gaden construction category.
(Landscaping planning, design, construction - Kiolien Co., Ltd.)

cafe open

Cafe madoi has opened. ( The  Madoi means that it's a place where people gather.)


over view

It's tiny, but useful and important.

(Somewhere,If we can help to have someone's good time and cozy space with Japanese garden method )

It is generally said that Japanese gardens simply consist of
stepping stones(飛石TOBIーISHI), 
and dry  streams (枯山水KAREーSANSUI)

But we think Japanese garden  shoud be made after understanding these elements; the climate of Japan,  the relationship with people, the harsh natural environment,land situation and national character.
Finally,our goal of making gardens aim at the harmony of the space after understanding them.

We think it can be called a Japanese garden even though it has different shapes.

I think the English gardens are looking for a beauty with a very close to us and balance in its representation. In their climates and nationality,they can feel the joy of human being’s snuggling, sprouting and gratitude for life.


We are looking for an creative and evolving Japanese garden style.

Katsushi Tokimatsu



Raison d'être

The ambience that is only in that place.

There is only time for that person.

A good space.

 Business content

“Design & build”

Design - landscaping planning, garden design, landscape design, exterior planning

On-site system - direct construction & management in the above


Situation analysis, condition analysis, and extraction of requests

Cherish the process of getting closer to the optimal solution.


The appearance and richness that change depending on the difference in fit.

The atmosphere brought by a careful effort.

about us 

Prsdnt. KatsushiTOKIMATSU 
Drctr. AtsukoTOKIMATSU
Drctr. KazukiTAKAHAGI
Drctr. HajimeKUBOSHIMA       
Mngr. HirokoAkiyama
Cheif  YumaSUZUKI

corporate principle

"May I help you ?”

history &certification

-permit lisence(Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism,JAPAN)